Welcome to Lilium Stanley Investments

Lilium Stanley Investment, based in London, is part of the Lilium Stanley group. We are an investment and asset management company dedicated to:

  • Property Investment ( Residential and commercial) 
  • Project Investment( Energy, Green energy, Water, Infrastructure, Industrial, Utilities and Finance)
  • Lifestyle Investment( Antiques, Fine arts, Rare wine and Gold)

Lilium Stanley Investment develops bespoke investment portfolios reflecting our clients’ objectives, aimed at maximising and safeguarding our clients’ wealth. 

  • Our team members are richly experienced in their fields ( real estate, engineering, construction, infrastructure, energy, water treatment, finance, arts and law)
  • Our buying power allows us to get the best deals available on the market
  • We offer a one-stop service for time-restricted clients
  • Most importantly, we ALWAYS deliver
  • Additional services available for our overseas clients

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